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grown tired of what their country was come to represent under george w. bush. obama promised to change at home and abroad. he brought an end to the war in iraq. he said u.s. combat forces would pull out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. and he promised to decimate al qaeda. >> after a firefight, they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. we can say to those families who lost loved ones to al qaeda's terror justice has been done. >> some argue obama has not met expectations in the mideast. he faced persistent trouble with a come dominant region in iran. still he has focused foreign policy to make it more multilateral. part of what he calls a broader shift. >> after a decade in which we fought two wars that cost us dearly, the united states is turning to the vast potential of the asia pacific region. >> obama turned his attention at home to pushing through health care reform, something president after president had tried to do. he succeeded with what became known as obama care, the most significant overhaul since medicare and medicaid in the 1960s. he pushed to shore up b
? >> for my thinking, the biggest change in the race is to obama's favor and that's been this storm, you know. any day that we're not talking about the economy and jobs, that we're not talking about obama's record for debt and deficits, health care, energy, any day we're talking about something else, that's good for obama, and so i will be surprised if he doesn't make a little bit of a comeback here. he's had a prett pretty solid mt for a month. there wasn't anything happehe m. what may stop it is this storm and not so much that the president will do a great job, although i don't have any doubt that he will. mostly what happens right after a terrible storm is we know where i come from, it's the local first responders. it's the firemen, the policeman, the highway patrolmen, the national guardsmen, the mayors, the governors, but the federal government has a role to play, a bigger role down the road, but the biggest thing is changing the subject is great for obama. he's been trying to change the subject all year. >> greta: let's talk about timing. if he changes the subject, for instance, monday
is great for obama. he's been trying to change the subject all year. >> greta: let's talk about timing. if he changes the subject, for instance, monday night, if everyone is done early voting, doesn't matter if he changes the subject. we're a week out and the subject is being changed a week out. there's a lot of early voting going on. i'm curious if there's a thought in your mind whether the timing of the change in topic. >> well, i mean, obviously the changing of the subject that everybody doesn't have on their mind the economy and jobs, obama's policies or the failed results of those policies, instead. rightly americans are concerned about our friends in north carolina or new hampshire and everywhere in between. it's good for obama. it's not goin necessarily goingo turn the world upside down, but as i say, any day that obama's record is not in front of the american people is a relief for obama. >> greta: does it help? i don't know if you've seen the words of governor chris christie. he had some high praise for the president. does that have any impact, a republican governor, and one w
obama pledges change but touts dodd-frank, a bulky, watered-down version of financial reform that scarcely makes a ripple in the vast sea of corruption and abuse. mitt romney campaigns as the banker's pal and says he'll make dodd- frank disappear altogether. if you're appalled by this, so is the man who held the thankless job of scial inspector general in charge of policing tarp, the bailout's ci troubled asset relief plan. before he signed on, neil barofsky was a federal prosecutor in new york chasing white-collar criminals and drug lords. he busted 50 members of a columbian guerrilla group deeply involved in narcotics trafficking. at tarp, he was assigned to ferret out waste, fraud and abuse. the banks didn't make it easy, and neither did the u.s. governnt. neil barofsky tells this story in his book, "bailout: an inside account of how washington abandoned main street while rescuing wall street." he is now a senior fellow and adjunct professor at the new york university school of law. neil barofsky, welcome. >> thank you. >> when you were a kid, did you say, "mom, dad, i wan
to sue -- you said you wanted to sue president obama over the change in policy that young people would not be deported. are you still planning the lawsuits? >> he violated the constitution like gov. vilsack, he cannot do that with memorandum, and this was bogging people down. the answer is yes. >> where do you stand on that? >> in the process? there are plaintiffs who won't come on until after the election. i will hold the suit up until after the election and we will get the suit filed. >> the answer is -- we wouldn't have this issue if congress had done their job. one branch doesn't work well and another steps in. i think the president took a necessary step. >> we will see a couple of commercials right now, the first from mrs. vilsack's campiagn. >> i am christie vilsack and i approve this message. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> mr. king, mrs. vilsack has called you an embarassment to iowa. do some of the quotes embarrass you? >> i've said by the time i eliminated the questions and dishonesty, the only thing left was "i'm christie vilsack and i approve this message." [laughter] the one that i
not provide the people any money. fortunately with the obama administration this has changed and these people are coming back and being able to be given some money, so on the federal level i think there's some improvement. when it comes to san francisco i think we need to do more, and i would research this further and answer that question later. thank you. >> all right thank you sir. >> i am under the assumption i'm a problem solver. first you have to identify the problem and i would lump this into three groups. you have people who do not want to be helpedda that want to be live on the street. you have people that don't know where the help is and people people that want it and we need to identify the people that want to be helped that can be helped and there are certain people no matter what you do they do not want help. they want to live on the streets and that in turn we should enforce the laws on the books, and that is the only way i believe you can solve the problem. it's not about money. it's about identifying the problem and i believe you've got to identify who the homeless people a
completely changed. president obama arrives tomorrow. chris christie surveyed the damage from the air and then consoled storm victims on the ground. >> it's a very difficult day. very difficult day. >> the scope of this storm is absolutely stunning. aside from delivering high winds and driving rain, it was also dumping snow on areas of west virginia. the cleanup from sandy has just begun. state and federal officials are urging patience. the full extent won't be known for weeks to come. we have two reports tonight. i'm joined by news correspondent jay gray live in battery park in lower manhattan. also with us is correspondent ron allen who joins us from point pleasant beach, new jersey. mr. gray, great to have you us with tonight. you are right at the heart of the devastation in lower manhattan. how are the people dealing with th that? a lot of people have evacuated, but there are still quite a few down there. >> reporter: it was really interesting o to see how that played out today. i think there's still a stunned silence here. the power is out. the traffic lights are out. there's no
been completely changed. president obama arrives in new jersey tomorrow to see what happened firsthand. new jersey governor chris christie surveyed the damage from the air and then consoled storm victims on the ground. >> all my life -- >> it's a very difficult day. a great difficult day so we just start -- yeah, today we survive and that's the important thing. we'll rebuild. >> we're tough. >> tough folks. >> the scope of the storm is absolutely stunning. aside from delivering high winds and driving rain, it was also dumping snow on areas of west virginia. the cleanup from sandy has just begun. state and federal officials are urging patience. the full extent of sandy's toll won't be known until days, even weeks to come. we have two reports tonight. i'm joined this evening by nbc news correspondent jay gray, live in battery park in lower manhattan and ron allen, who joins us from point pleasant beach, new jersey. mr. gray, great to have you with us tonight. you were right at the heart of the devastation in lower manhattan. how are the people dealing with that right now? i know a lot of
at current president obama's position on climate change. in reality, few office holders past, present or would-be have spent any political capital to battle global warming despite the fact that 2012 stands as a year when climate change became an undeniable reality. according to the oceanic and atmospheric administration the first nine months were the warmest on weather. the drought that ravaged the midwest destroying crops was the worst in half a century. wildfires that burned through 14,000 acres, an area of size of maryland were some of the most devastating on record and this summer arctic ice melted to its lowest levels since satellites began taking measurement a pattern that may have contributed to hurricane sandy. joining us now via skype is author and environmentalist bill mckiben. are you skyped in? are why there? >> low carbon footprint given the fact you are remote and not sitting with us on set. we're happy to have you on show. i want to talk about a number of things but first and foremost is sandy. this is going to hopefully engender a conversation about climate change alth
. no injuries were reported and there is no word on the cause of the fire. with six days left to change the minds of undecided voters, where will the presidential nominees be today? president obama says he will not hit the campaign trail until tomorrow, insisting recover from hurricane sandy takes his top priority. today, he visits new jersey to visit one of the areas hardest hit and one of his harshest critics, chris christie. surprisingly, he called the president and government efforts outstanding. mitt romney back on the road in florida. he collected some items for storm victims and called it a show of american spirit. many are hoping to hear more about his opinion about the government's reaction to the storm response. he has avoided those questions so far. maryland had lost two days of the early voting schedule, so officials have decided to extend it one more day. the poles remain open until 9:00 tonight. originally, early voting was scheduled to end on thursday, but it has been extended until friday. for a list of early voting sites around the state, go to our website,
the election obama's way? talkback question for you, will sandy change the election? your responses later this hour. >>> hundreds are rescued in a northern new jersey town. we'll tell you how the city plans to rescue others who are still stranded today. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. >>> we are seconds away from the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. the damage from superstorm sandy forced it to close for the past two days. new york mayor michael bloomberg is at the stock exchange today. he will ring the opening bell. alison kosik is there to witness the whole thing. i see mayor bloomberg there. hello, alison. >> hi, carol. mayor bloomberg is up on the po podium, ringing the bell. ceo of the new york stock exchange, so is larry lieberwits, who happens to be jon stewart's brother, they are up there, getting ready to ring the bell. everybody holding their breath here. after the devastation of hurricane sandy, two days of the markets
without power. the new jersey coastline, changed forever. this hour, governor christie and president obama touring that hard-hit area. >> the jersey shore is the soul of new jersey and we're going to rebuild, but it's going to take some time and some effort and some resilience but those are all things that new jerseyans have in abundance. >> much of new york city is still crippled, subways flooded, fires still smoldering. but the governor has just announced some progress. >> limited commuter rail service on metro north and the lir will begin 2:00 p.m. today. and limited new york city subway service, supplemented by a bus, which we can give you more details on from brooklyn to manhattan will begin tomorrow. >> the exchange back in business today. >> and mitt romney is back on the campaign trail, in florida. >> so i believe that this is the year for us to take a different course. i will bring real change and real reform. and a president that brings us together. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. misery from sandy is coming along the northeast corridor wi
of examples, maureen dowd talking aboutie's relationship with obama. the hurricane is fault of the climate change deniers. al gore using other people misery to advance his own profile. >> dana: there are very few people who look at this and think they shouldn't cooperate. i don't think it changes their mind on how they feel about the obamacare, keystone pipeline not going through, stimulus bill, foreign policy, leaning from behind stuff. if you felt other ways about romney. get to the political roundup here. because andrea, kick it off with you on early voting. big topic. a lot of people might not realize in many states there is early voting. both parties try to lock it up. give us your take. >> andrea: take a look here. this is early voting and now. 52% over obama 46% according to gallup. look at the numbers in 2008. if we could pull that up. a big difference. barack obama had 53% to john mccain's 43%. what does it tell you? for weeks we have been hearing the media paint a storyline while obama is ahead in early voting. now we know that isn't true. particularly in states like ohio, florid
and his new tv ads in ohio about who would do more for the auto industry. he or president obama? you see the price of desperation here, dishonesty. and the campaign's response to universal criticism? they just keep running it. >>> also, did climate change have something to do with hurricane sandy? freak storms happen all the time, but this is precisely the kind of event that scientists have been predicting to us for years. >>> and why would an eisenhower endorse a democrat for president? well, susan eisenhower comes here to talk about it. she's endorsing president obama -- again. >>> and let me finish tonight with this question, does anyone really have a grip on who mitt romney is? this is "hardball," the place for politics. [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insurance companies these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it. so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. it's what they've always do
difficult. >> reporter: here's one republican mind that seems to have changed at least for now, governor christie. >> i want to thank the president personally for his personal attention. >> reporter: president obama will be with christie in new jersey tomorrow and sandy and canada. what is means to the election decembstined to be a november surprise. >> thank you, bill. and thank you for watching abc news, "gma" will have the lates
changed your preference and that you were impressed by obama's response to the storm. about 7% of you said yes, you were impressed by romney's sensitivity to storm victims. and 43% said of you, no, i made up my mind about the candidates. not meant to be a reflection of the entire country's feelings, of course, on the issue, just a way to see how you stack up against other cnn and facebook users. wendy writes, no one should make any voting decisions based on the storm. this is about humanity, not politics. johnny says, i was on the fence on voting until now. will vote early with my wife and kids and vote president obama. he has shown how a president should be in a national emergency, like hurricane sandy. and valerie writes, i believe mitt romney would have helped the victims, even if he wasn't running for office. he's a caring man and his past charitable contributions and acts of kindness prove it. he's the only wise choice for president. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with anderson cooper. >>> suzanne, thanks very much. good afternoon, everyone. i'm anderson cooper this
today but i might change tomorrow. that's razor close and not the difference for obama. i'm giving you see ohio blue, new hampshire blue, iowa and nevada and wisconsin but the thing that stands out for me in this is look at the south. all red and it reminds me of what andrew sullivan pointed out this weekend is the confederacy. 1864, the map, the states that were in the confederacy all brown on this map. that's all one block from virginia to texas to florida and that to me speaks to a sort of ugly divide that we have going on in america right now and, you know, there we are. if we could exhume lincoln and mcclellan and look at the map, they would be like, wow, i recognize that map. >> they were democrats. >> absolutely. >> but you know now a long unpacking of changing the meaning and the south entirely agreed and the north disagreed and now at the same position. >> so my south is not all red. i am quite bullish on the president's chances. i give him the states toure did as well as virginia and florida and florida i actually just moved in to this column today on the strength of three di
change problem until we solve the money in politics president obama because money has flooded politics to a degree where they've effectively shut down our politicians' efforts of fixing this. >> yes campaign finance reform, it has been lost as a topic. however, the real problem is that fossil fuels are still the cheapest energy because we subsidize them. the taxpayers subsidize them, and we do not make fossil fuels pay for their cost to society. air pollution and water pollution from fossil fuels, if you get asthma or any other illness from the air and water pollution you have to pay for that yourself. not the fossil fuel companies. these climate effects $20 billion effect of this storm, who is going to pay for that? the taxpayer, not the fossil fuel industry. we need to add collective fee from the fossil fuel company and distribute that money to the public so that will--the fee will cause them to increase the price of fossil fuels but the people will then have money to make the decisions of what energy they're going to use. gradually we would move away from fossil fuels as this fee ri
, many republicans are being told, you have to move these houses away from the ocean, climate change is going to rise below water level on a permanent basis. if you want to be insured, you have to do this. in the barrio world, barack obama's policies were better. bill clinton in minnesota yesterday. talking about the global climate change and mitt romney's policies on a bat. we will hear from governor romney. he took a campaign event and made it into an egg acknowledgement of the storm and the victims. james in texas. an independent. caller: good morning. host: caller: good morning i am nearly 70 years old. i saw winterset were colder than normal. warmerwinters that were norma than normal. and i can remember in texas when, i have seen icicles 4 feet long hanging from the rafters and other times where it barely got cold. the earth has a cycle of warming and cooling cycles. one of the problems with sandy to me, they talk about the infrastructure being over, and the subway damage, the worst in 100 years. one of the reasons i think it is aging is because we are paying out so much in pens
may be fitting for a city that never sleeps. i'm juju chang in manhattan. >> what a view on the destruction. oh, amazing piece. >>> president obama visits new jersey later today to see the damage firsthand. the state's famed jersey shore took a direct hit as sandy roared ashore. >> powerful winds and ocean surge knocked houses off their foundations. demolished boardwalks and wrecked amusement rides. viewing the damage was obviously an emotional moment for the state's usually brash governor. >> as a kid who was -- born and raised in this state -- and who spent a lot of time over my life, both my, childhood and my adult life, at the jersey shore. we will rebuild it. no question in my mind we will rebuild it. but for those of us who are my age, it won't be the same. it will be different. because, many of the iconic things that made it what it was are gone and washed into the ocean. >> more than half of the state is without power. and now residents are being warned that leaking fuel and standing water could spark an explosion as if the flooding wasn't enough. now they're worr
and people get jittery and think they want change. but i could tell you this. president obama's done a marvelous job of holding our country and the people here up in the right way. everything he's done so far i think has been pitch perfect. >> jennifer: well so you are a great historian. you've covered all of the presidents and their races. i don't know if past is prologue but certainly you can have an informed guess, i would imagine on what will happen on tuesday. what do you think is going to happen? >> you know, governor, i've no more knowledge than anyone else but i loved your convention speech because i grew up outside of toledo, ohio. i think the mistake mitt romney made started when he said let detroit go bankrupt in that article that appeared. that spread wide through ohio and it gave the president an ability to really use that auto bailout as a big feather in his cap. it makes a difference in ohio and i don't see how mitt romney can be president without ohio so we'll see how it plays out there. but it is i th
yet not play politics with the disaster. >> i think president obama could be benefited from this. >> reporter: uc berkeley political science professor lin says voters even now are not paying a great deal of attention to the campaign on tv. sandy could change that. >> this is the kind of news event that will turn voters on. they'll be watching the news, they'll see the candidates but will see obama acting as president. >> reporter: the vice president tried to reenforce that imagine. >> i've never seen a guy so focused. >> reporter: governor romney turned a campaign rally in ohio into a storm relief drive. >> romney is in a tougher situation. he has to appear like he's not campaigning and yet he still needs to be in the news. >> would you eliminate fema if you before president? >> reporter: romney was peppered with questions of his plan to end fema. >> if mistakes are made, people will note them and it could hurt them. >> reporter: what would sandy's impact be on the election pundents on the days after the election. it could take historians months, days or years to truly sort out.
to win. >> every public media poll, willie, has to be cooking their books for barack obama. >> or assuming the electorate. >> or assuming the electorate's wrong. and if the electorate has changed so radically in two years that quinnipiac is confused, somebody will give a desser tags on it after the election. i'm frustrated this morning because they keep telling me, don't believe the media polls. here we are a week out, less than a week out. it's still five points in ohio. i can tell you as a practicing politician, if you're down five points a week out and you were down five points two weeks out, your problem. >> and obama at 50, not at 47%. >> and obama is at 50% in ohio, willie. >> one other note inside that "new york times" poll, conventional wisdom is obama would struggle with white working-class voters in ohio anyway, not in virginia. but in ohio he's even with romney among white voters who do not have a college degree. that's very important. >> and by the way, i think he's up, what, 30% in florida? >> 30. >> he's up 30 points, willie, in florida among white voters. but
change and it helps make crystal clear that the choice that president barack obama is putting in front of the country and why they are discouraged or confused and that's why building the relationship and the block cap pens and volunteers that are pulling the vote, driving with vans to get people to early vote in ohio and milwaukee as we speak. it's so incredibly critical. >> mary kay, jamal simmons, thank you both for your time tonight. >> thank you. >>> coming up, uncovering the republican effort to suppress the vote in florida. there's a leak to the ugly past and we're revealing it tonight. the chairman of the florida republican party tells it all. next. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! that's a good deal! [ man ] wow! it is so good! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15 entrees under $15, seafood, chicken and more! oo! the tilapia with roasted vegetables! i'm actually looking at the wood grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. you so fascinated by the pri
think that looks a lot better than questions about benghazi. the president is happy to change the subject. charles: absolutely. president obama is set to survey sandy's destruction in new jersey today with governor chris christie. obama is looking more and more presidential as this crisis unfolds. even christie, an outspoken republican is giving the president praise. take a listen. >> at 2:00 a.m. i got a call from fema to answer a couple of file questions and then -- final questions and then he signed the declaration this morning. the president has been on the the phone with me three times the last 24 hours. he's been very attentive and anything i have asked for, he has gotten to me. i thank the president publicly for that. he has done as far as i'm concerned a great job for new jersey. charles: coming up mike reagan's response to chris christie and his praise of the president. that's at 10:30. let's get back to the markets. sandra smith is at the cme in chicago. is everything back to normal? sandra: oh my gosh, charles, where are you? we're up above the stairs here. can you
, that president obama is ahead at the moment today. that, of course, can change in the next six days. but generally i think the popular vote and the electoral vote are going to go to the same person. if something happens over the next weekend, if as shawn was saying the republicans ground game is truly as much better now from 2008, then, you know, it can swing the other way. but i think at the end of the day those two numbers, the lorl vote and the popular vote are going to line up. >> great to have you both on the program, thank you. >>> sandy may have moved out of the northeast but obviously it's still wreaking havoc. these pictures are from early this morning over bricktown, new jersey, where a massive fire destroyed 14 homes two days ago and rekindled overnight. authorities believe natural gas lines are to blame. because of the damage in the area crews have not been able to get to the scene. natalie morales took a chopper ride over the destruction along the jersey shore and we will have an update from her in just a few minutes. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 this morning, i'm going to trad
changed in the atlantic, the climate has changed. it's called climate change, folks. who would have ever thought that it would be obama, by the way, and not governor romney spending time with christie in the final week of the election? that will be the picture of the day, the president and christie. mitt romney is back campaigning in florida today with three rallies scheduled in tampa. coral gables and jacksonville where he'll be joined by former governor jeb bush. with the president in new jersey, romney's returned to the trail is tricky. romney suspended campaigning tuesday. he did hold what the campaign billed as a relief event but it was in the battleground state of ohio where the governor encouraged donations to the red cross. >> i've had the chaps to speak with some of the governors in the affected areas and they've talked about a lot of people having hard times, and i appreciate the fact that people right here in dayton got up this morning. some went to the dproeshry store, i see, and purchased some things that these families will need. >> given how close this election it, it won'
further and, actually... (inaudible) obama created. you want to project? >> okay. thank you. >> (inaudible) created that the us (inaudible) and job really is to be an internal changing in the (inaudible) and the way that we think about is it an incubator in the government. it is not to incubate the economy, it is to execute projects and it is actually... (inaudible) program and the present priorities. one such program that is really focused up to date is presidential innovations for... shall we go through... okay. so, then and as an effort that, really have the idea for, basically made... and the whole idea is an amazing... and the government to work with all of the innovators on game-changing that they can actually move forward and... money, and improve it in the lives of americans. and the idea is that the teams work in (inaudible) in part of and deliver... within six months. and so not as a... powerpoint or... actual out come and actual change. and they are... the american people. what we actually did was in the version of a traditional (inaudible) and actually... what we did instead wa
game changing moment came along when president obama decided to naps through his first debate in denver. after that event, the democrats saw a similar drop in the polls. across the board, not as president obama, but senate and house candidates, the numbers dropped in a heart sickening thud for both sides. this is a late moment, game changing moment like that that can have a serious impact. because we had two back-to-back, they sort of even themselves out. mitt romney was at his lowest moment when that videotape now. obama was at his lowest moment after that debate in denver. >> what about the storm? this is the washington times from yesterday. the last week of this presidential campaign, they put sandy as the number one thing to watch. >> there is a big risk when any kind of storm bruce almost anywhere in the country. american history is replete with mayors and governors to handle snowstorms badly and wind up losing elections next year. president george w. bush's approval rating never recovered after his handling of hurricane katrina. this is a big risk for president obama. he had to sh
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 102 (some duplicates have been removed)